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It offers notes from meetings ahead of Friday’s showdown, summarizing a plan to convince the president to agree to the “R4 S” escalation plan. Asked about that characterization of the document, NSC spokesman Michael Anton said it “sounds wrong to me.”When I met Prince, he was coming from a morning of TV hits.

Plans to privatize the war proposed by two businessmen with ties to the White House have become a linchpin of the debate.

“Please be sure to use that in the article.”Under Prince’s plan, the viceroy would be a federal official who reports to the president and is empowered to make decisions about State Department, Do D, and intelligence community functions in-country. Prince wants to embed “mentors” into Afghan battalions. S., Britain, Canada, South Africa—“anybody with a good rugby team,” Prince quipped. Since then, Prince has met with Mc Master to discuss the proposal.

Prince was vague about how exactly this would work and which agency would house the viceroy, but compared the job to a “bankruptcy trustee” and said the person would have full hiring and firing authority over U. Prince also wants a “composite air wing”—a private air force—to make up for deficiencies in the Afghan air capabilities. “He remains committed to more troops and more money,” he said.

Erik Prince thinks he can turn around the war in Afghanistan, and he’s got a Power Point deck to explain the whole thing. And on Friday, when President Trump huddles with his advisers at Camp David to plot a way forward, it will be in the mix.

The Blackwater founder brought it with him to the Corner Bakery on North Capitol Street in Washington last Thursday, printed out and placed in a presentation binder. The 16-year-old war in Afghanistan has become a central point of conflict in the White House as the administration passes the half-year mark without having settled on a new strategy.

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