Wii stuck updating do not turn power off

It's worth noting that the manual configuration for the Wii's network settings really isn't that different from what you would do on a PC, making the Wii very flexible in terms of what kinds of home network setups it is compatible with. The easiest option is "Search for an Access Point," which will present you with a list of all wireless networks in range, as in the screenshot below. If your network has a grey, open padlock next to its name, this means you can connect straight away by selecting it.

You'll be asked to confirm your settings and your Wii will run a connection test. If your network has any other colour or style of padlock, read on to find out how to proceed. The first thing you'll need to do for manual configuration is to click "Wireless Connection" and then "Manual Setup".

However, if you have your Wii connected to the Internet, it will still check for updates, messages and downloads whilst on standby using a feature called Wii Connect24. Setting Standby Connection to On means your Wii will stay connected even when you switch it off, providing you don't unplug it or switch it off at the mains. The Slot Illumination setting simply dictates how brightly the Wii's disc tray will glow when you receive a message.

Once your Internet connection is set up correctly, follow these easy steps to stay connected 24/7. Head into your Wii Settings menu and go to page two. If you set this to Off, the only way to tell if your Wii has downloaded anything new is to switch it on and check yourself.

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However, there are still millions of Wii owners unable to get their console online, or not even aware the machine is Internet-enabled right away!

Click on Internet, Connection Settings and then select any option that says Connection: None.

When you plug your Wii in it begins in regular standby mode, and doesn't connect to the Internet until switched on.If you switch your Wii off using the power button and the light goes red, go back to step one and check your settings again.There are some reports that leaving your Wii in standby mode (amber light) causes it to heat up and can damage the console in the long run."Connection Settings" is the next option to select which will present you with multiple profile options - great if you move your Wii from place to place and want to keep your home network configuration. After choosing a profile you're presented with the option to designate it a "Wireless" or "Wired" connection.After choosing "Wireless" you'll have three further choices: "Search for an Access Point," "Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector" (a device used to share the Internet access of a computer that uses a wired Internet connection), and "Manual Setup".

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If you've recently bought a Wii and are looking for some help for hooking it up to the World Wide Web, look no further than our handy guide that'll have you browsing the 'net with your white wonder box in no time.

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