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Kathleen Turner has always had the aura of a movie star from Hollywood's golden age.Something about her boundless self-confidence, her refusal to be crossed, her grace and elegance – at least during the heyday of her film-making career – and, of course, that voice, so "filled with the low timbre of temptation", as one interviewer once described it, paraphrasing Raymond Chandler, "that it could...The sweat their bodies were supposed to be generating in the heat of both passion and high summer had to be sprayed on.Soon after her initial success, Turner developed a reputation in Hollywood for refusing to take any nonsense – a reputation she fully embraces in the book.Cage played the high school bad boy she almost fell for.) "Coppola truly believed he could do it.The problem was that once Nicolas got the role, he wanted to prove that he wasn't there as a result of nepotism.Her description of Cage, who she says has "apologised to me for years about his behaviour", was unflattering enough to prompt a libel suit against her last week filed in the London High Court – a time-honoured tactic by movie stars who know the British libel laws are several degrees stricter than in the United States.

"I turned from a charming drinker into a really nasty drunk," she writes. And with the steroids exacerbated by the alcohol, what a terrible, terrible person I must have been to live with." Unlike the divas of the past with their multiple marriages, Turner has at least had a relatively straightforward personal life.Steve Martin, who she worked with on The Man With Two Brains, she describes as "quite stiff and unfunny" when he wasn't in character.Jack Nicholson – mischievous but a lot of fun, though she has no compunction about highlighting the weaknesses in his acting technique.In a statement read out on a breakfast television show a few days ago, Cage countered: "I have never been arrested for anything in my life, nor have I stolen a dog.I am reaching out to my fans – many of whom are children – so that they know that I do not condone drunk driving or theft.

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