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Now the division affects the whole English world, and countless foreign countries as well.According to Global Reach, a Website that monitors Internet use around the world, some 391 million people are currently online.s Rulebook The drama, set in an indulgent theme park, is emblematic of the future of technology and the evolution of ? Jordan (The Wire) and Michael Shannon (Boardwalk Empire). HBO Film's adaptation of Ray Bradbury's groundbreaking novel will star Michael B.Such confrontations usually happen in private when the editor and writer lock in deadly embrace over a stray semicolon or whether it’s all right to write “alright.” But the Internet has brought these quarrels out into public scrutiny.America and Britain, Oscar Wilde once observed, are two great nations divided by the same language.

The Appalachians are home to expressions long forgotten at home—and most Americans still use “gotten,”which Brits find as archaic as “God wot.” But London itself is marginal now, and power speaks English with an Appalachian-descended Texas twang. But the metaphor of the margin—the silence, the blankness that gives context to the central words—is fading.

One factor is what I call “crystallization.” Someone comes up with a standard operating system, and everyone else adopts and adapts to it.

The same thing happened a century ago with the QWERTY keyboard.

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Almost 48 percent of them – 215 million -- are English speakers.

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