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Most often this is RTTY or (in the USA APRS) but there are alternatives such as Lo Ra which more easily provides a means of reliably transmitting data to the balloon as well as from it.

This greatly expands the range of things we can do during a balloon flight, for example: Another possibility is to run a terminal session between ground (client) and balloon (host), allowing programs to be run on the balloon tracker as requested by a ground station: This could even be used to change the tracker program, or have that program use new configuration parameters.

Here though I’m going to use an idea provided by Philip Heron – run an old text adventure game.

And to make this a group experience, I added a web dashboard that displays the terminal window in real (ish) time.

He told jurors he later heard sirens, but didn't think they were coming to the vehicle on Bergum Coulee Road because there was no one was around.

Yehle testified he did disguised it that way because in his experience, people in question either refuse to show up or not talk to authorities if they know the real reason why they're being called in.

Testimony about the extent of the injuries to Barbara Kendhammer and what may have caused them began the third day of the Todd Kendhammer homicide trial in La Crosse.

Following Heim, Randy Erler testified about coming upon the vehicle that morning.

He said he drove past the vehicle sitting partially in a ditch.

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