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Special interest groups (SIGs) are organized portions of the Cent OS community that open paths for building specialized variants of Cent OS, which fulfill specific sets of requirements.

SIGs have the freedom to modify and enhance Cent OS in various ways, including adding more cutting-edge software, rebuilding existing packages depending on the requirements, providing alternative desktop environments, or making Cent OS available on otherwise unsupported architectures.

As of December 2015 some of the c Aos contributors were merely interested in this build artifact for their own use, citing difficulties in collaborating with other noteworthy Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) clones of the time.

In June 2006, David Parsley, the primary developer of Tao Linux (another RHEL clone), announced the retirement of Tao Linux and its rolling into Cent OS development.

While in its default state it only contains a base system and a few popular applications, Masonux was fully compatible with Ubuntu and additional software can be easily installed from Ubuntu repositories using the standard package management tools.Cent OS developers use Red Hat's source code to create a final product very similar to RHEL.Red Hat's branding and logos are changed because Red Hat does not allow them to be redistributed. Technical support is primarily provided by the community via official mailing lists, web forums, and chat rooms.Provided software versions are either more recent than their equivalent versions included in the base Cent OS distribution, or are made available as official Cent OS packages for the first time.Some of the ISO images released by the Cent OS project have no direct upstream equivalents.

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Live CD and Live DVD images contain a bootable compressed file system, created by a set of custom scripts These live images can be also installed to hard disk, thus obtaining a fully functional Cent OS installation.

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