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If you believe you are the victim of a trafficking situation or may have information about a potential trafficking situation, call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC) at 1-888-373-7888.

NHTRC is a national, toll-free hotline, with specialists available to answer calls from anywhere in the country, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year related to potential trafficking victims, suspicious behaviors, and/or locations where trafficking is suspected to occur.

As of 2015, if you are covered under your parent's health insurance, you can get services like birth control, STI/pregnancy tests or outpatient mental health services from your usual health care provider and keep that information private, BUT YOU MUST TAKE ACTION.

It's simple to take action and protect your privacy: Submit a confidential Communication Request to your health plan provider today.

If you live in another state or country, you will need to check with a local agency for further information.

Your Planned Parenthood office is often a good resource for that information.

The Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF) is in the Bay Area of California, so the rights described here only apply to individuals within the state of California.Over the past decade, the FBI’s human trafficking investigations have been responsible for the arrest of more than 2,000 traffickers and the recovery of numerous victims.The FBI will continue to take part in multi-agency efforts to combat the threat; provide outreach to law enforcement and community organizations to aid in the awareness of the threat, proper investigative techniques, and identification of trafficking victims; and train international entities on how to identify victims of trafficking so that the Bureau and other law enforcement can intercept them before they are victimized by traffickers in the U. The FBI is committed to ensuring that victims receive the rights they are entitled to and the assistance they need to cope with crime.Human trafficking, believed to be the third-largest criminal activity in the world, is a form of human slavery which must be addressed at the interagency level. citizens and foreigners alike, and has no demographic restrictions.Human trafficking includes forced labor, domestic servitude, and commercial sex trafficking. The FBI works human trafficking cases under both its Civil Rights program and its Violent Crimes Against Children program.

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Within California, the rights, rules, and laws are the following: Confidentiality means privacy.

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