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From previous threads where this individual has made these claims, it's been quite apparent on several occasions that the same individual has been attempting to bump his/her posts and get a "discussion' going.

In the novel, and subsequent film, Karla loved Dee but wasn't above letting Dee give her lavish gifts. They were together at least from the mid-50's until 1970.As a lesbian and X-Files fan, I don't want bisexual or lesbian women in the entertainment industry to be attacked in this way.Oh, and as a British lesbian, I can assure you we don't say things like "knockers" or "shag a bint"."Gillian Anderson is a public figure that has depended on media operations to make her name.I recognize almost all pairings as internet gossip of the last twenty years. Here's one to add: Portia de Rossi and Guin Turner, briefly. Portia broke up with Francesca Gregorini to be with Ellen. Most I've ever heard about Carrie Fisher is that she made out with a few women at parties.She's admitted it..went on to say it didn't do anything for her.

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