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It's a bit like the term "Maori" itself, which simply means "human being", as opposed to "huhu bug" or fern frond.All things are possible when you don't have to be too specific and can keep the terms of reference reasonably ambiguous.XVIIII, 1889, p.216 ------- The mummy of Rameses II has fine silky yellow hair. Where's the scientific research paper describing the physical characteristics of the New Zealand red hair, to determine ethnicity?To all of this one can add reference to the large number of Caucasoid mummies of the Tarin Basin of China or the Canary Islands, etc., which have retained their hair pigmentations for many thousands of years!Here are some quotes related to mummies located in Egypt that are about 5000 years old: The mummy of the wife of King Tutankhamen has auburn hair. Paris, Pichat, 1899, p.26 And what about all of the living specimens of "Maori" observed in New Zealand since the earliest colonial times with the And what about the hair samples themselves?Carter, Michael, Tutankhamun, The Golden Monarch, N. 1972 p.68 ------- Red-haired mummies were found in the crocodile-caverns of Aboufaida. Flinders Petries Collection of Ethnographic Types from the Monuments of Egypt, Journal of the Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland Vol. Egyptian Mummies, London, George Allen and Unwin Ltd., 1924 p.99 ------ A blond mummy was found at Kawamil along with many chestnut-colored ones. European hair is, physically, very different than the hair of other ethnicities.There is a vast difference between how you WRITE Cook Island and how you SAY it, I am positive it is the same with NZ Maori.

I have studied Maori culture all my life, but am often the subject of anger from Maoris, often because I know more than them, but also because I am outspoken in my views.Cook Island school kids to my knowledge are STILL strapped for speaking the lingo in school, yet the Cook Island language is still alive. Maori made the mistake of NOT TEACHING their children the language, hence it's death. Like you I am NOT racist, in fact I am fascinated with pre-Euro Maori, but I think that in the main they were a vastly different people than they are today.Another thing I have noticed is that Cook Islanders really converse in their language, and joke around, and swear at each other in it for a laugh. I think that you are being accused of being so because you DARE to express your opinions. It tends to win the argument for them without them actually having to put up a fight. Date: Wednesday, 3 September 2003 Subject: pre-celtic NZMartin, Why on earth don't you end all this controversy and break your neck to find one of the skeletons so you can DNA test it? Can't testing of today's Maoris come up with some answers?I agree with most of what you say about racism against Europeans from so called Maori, who choose to reject their own ancestors in a very disrespectful manner.

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Another point is that some older Cook island friends of mine report being able to converse freely with native speakers of NZ Maori, but are not able to understand, or be understood by school taught ones.

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