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There are also some crazy plot twists that I won’t reveal, but they really help to set , the 70s killer worm film from Jeff Lieberman, but they still work, and, are welcome additions to this movie. Even, more fun to watch is Treas as the crazy scientist. This gross little killer bug movie from Roger Corman’s former studio, Concorde Pictures, was produced by his wife, Julie Corman, and received a limited release.I saw it many years ago when it aired on the USA network’s now defunct weekend showcase for horror movies, .

The Sheriff is determined to stop them, but rightfully does not fully trust or like the doctor.

As they learn more about the bugs, they see that the danger keeps getting bigger and the situation worse.

From the opening scene of , which combines something I really love, coffee, with something I abhor, a cockroach swimming in it, you pretty much know what you are in for, should also be able to measure your tolerance for this type of nature run amok flick.

In a small town named North Port, Sheriff Richard Tarbell (Franc Luz) is dating Lilian (Nancy Morgan), the owner of a local diner.

But, his high school sweetheart, Elizabeth Johnson (Lisa Langlois) comes back after being away for four years.

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