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Natty Bumppo, known as Hawk-Eye, is a frontiersman in the American wilderness.

Together with his Indian friends Chingachgook and Uncas, he fights battles against nefarious white soldiers as well as the vicious Indian Magua and his cohorts.

Having just recently signed up for the Netflix Canada one-month free trial, I was surprised to find out that though the selection of movies is limited, there are still enough gems that it would be worth it to keep the service (at least for another couple of months). And of those that I haven’t, I’m interested in seeing.

The local movie store I go to facetiously calls Netflix “Net Shitz” and rails against the corporate drivel that the service presumably shells out for a month. In fact, I scoured through the list and found 169 films on Netflix Canada’s selection that even a discerning cinephile should be able to appreciate (or at least find a handful they’re interested in).

Society has been transformed by new technology: consciousness can be digitized; human bodies are interchangeable; death is no longer permanent.

Set in Canada during the French and Indian Wars, the story found Hawkeye doing his best to safeguard the lives of Col.

Munro (Andrew Crawford), his daughters Cora (Patricia Maynard) and Alice (Joanna David), and the other British settlers at Fort William Henry.

The fly in the ointment was the villainous, bloodthirsty Indian warrior Magua (Philip Madoc), who had his own plans for the toothsome Munro girls.

When the daughters of an English colonel are betrayed and captured by “Magua”, their ruthless Huron guide, Hawkeye and the Mohicans rescue them and vow to get them safely back to their father.

production details UK / BBC One / 8×45 minute episodes / Broadcast 17 January – 7 March 1971 Writer: Harry Green / Novel: J. Cooper / Script Editor: Alistair Bell / Production Design: David Spode / Producer: John Mc Rae / Director: David Maloney cast Patricia Maynard as Cora Joanna David as Alice Tim Goodman as Heyward Philip Madoc as Magua David Leland as David Andrew Crawford as Colonel Munro Michael Cullen as Lieutenant Otley Bill Wiesener as Munro’s Sergeant Noel Coleman as General Webb Kenneth Ives as Hawkeye Richard Warwick as Uncas John Abineri as Chingachgook Enemy at the Door was a wartime drama series.

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During World War II a group of Islanders from Guernsey face upto their land being taken over the invading Germans.

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