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Be warned, the clay pigeon shooting is addictive...Tea & coffee followed afterwards at the big house, where you may even get to meet the Laird.In the evening over after-dinner drinks in the lounge car, you may be privileged to listen to Highlander Ray Owens talk about 17th century Highland Life, which he can bring alive like no-one else.If you drive around the Highlands, the winding single-track roads of childhood memory have sadly been replaced across much of the countryside by wide straight 60mph concrete highways blasted thoughtlessly through the landscape.The cars were specially rebuilt as 'hotel cars' for the Belmond Royal Scotsman from 1960s Pullman seating cars.

Run by Belmond, the new name for the Orient-Express Group who also run the famous Venice Simplon-Orient-Express and equally luxurious Eastern & Oriental Express, the Belmond Royal Scotsman sets the same top-end standards of service, accommodation & cuisine.

Having experienced the Royal Scotsman, I have to say that it's a pretty unbeatable combination of superb scenery on Britain's most amazing train routes, country-house all-inclusive luxury with great food, wine & service plus some extremely well-chosen off-train excursions.

A trip on the Royal Scotsman doesn't come cheap, but if it's a special occasion or a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see a lot of Scotland in a very short time, you really won't be disappointed.

On the line between Inverness & Aberdeen, the gorse is in full flower...

Fine dining on the move whilst passing Scottish scenery is wonderful. Passing Aberdeen, the train stabled overnight in a quiet platform at Dundee.

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