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The Audio portion is via phone or using your computer audio, which requires a microphone and speakers (please check prior to the start time).

There are over 30 nationalities that use the IAS center for religious purposes.On behalf of Muslims in Saskatoon, The Islamic Association of Saskatchewan (Saskatoon) Inc. The Islamic Association of Saskatchewan (Saskatoon) Inc.was established in the year 1970 and became a charitable organization registered with CRA in the year 1970, and also it’s a Non-profit organization registered with the province of Saskatchewan.If you have questions about the restructuring, please contact: Ronda Appell Provincial HSPnet Coordinator [email protected] registration has been implemented for Receiving Coordinator Training.Once sufficient demand has been met, a training date and location will be confirmed and posted on the HSPnet-SK homepage.

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Provincial HSPnet Contact Caz Sebastian [email protected] HSPnet Implementation Toolkit - Resources The following resources are available for interested audiences who wish to know more about the steps to implementing HSPnet.

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