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During the Napoleonic Era, efforts in the Rhineland toward economic unity had mixed success.The Confederation of the Rhine, and the other satellite creations of Napoleonic France, sought to establish economic autarky in European trade.These problems were dramatically exacerbated by the numerous excise taxes and tolls which were the main source of state income.Reduction in trade meant the near bankruptcy of the smaller states.Prussia was expected to play some role in these spheres of influence, but the ambiguities of the Austrian and Prussian relationship were unresolved.The German states retained autonomy; however, the old imperial institution of the Reichstag was converted to the form of a Confederation Diet, to meet in Frankfurt.With the final dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire in 1806, most of the remaining tiny principalities were annexed by larger neighbors.

To travel from Königsberg in East Prussia to Cologne, for example, a shipment was inspected and taxed 18 times.By 1806, as Napoleon I sought to secure his hegemony in Europe, the Continental System offered a semblance of unified effort toward a widespread domestic market for European goods.However, the main purpose of the Continental System was military, not economic.The Zollverein created a larger market for German-made farm and handicraft products and promoted commercial unification under fiscally sound economic parameters.While the Union sought to limit trade and commercial barriers between and among member states, it continued to uphold the protectionist barriers against outsiders.

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