Single party landshut 2013

The 180nm ULL technology features the smaller and silicon proven 2.97µm 6TSRAM bitcell which is suitable for the high density embedded memory design.In addition, the technology offers modular process option such as RFCMOS passive and active devices, as well as embedded Flash memory, which is ideal for single System-On-Chip (So C) solution for Io T sensor hub IC design."Internet of Things (Io T) is the next innovation wave that is going to reinvent every industry of our world, with 50 billion Io T devices expected to be deployed by 2020.Sil Terra has been very focused in developing technology roadmap and IPs to help our customers design critical Io T building blocks such as microcontrollers (MCU), sensors (MEMS), and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

Between then and February 1945 at least forty-three deportations of Jews were transported to Kaunas, Piaski, Theresienstadt and Auschwitz.Approximately 45% of the city's buildings had been destroyed, including more than 85,000 residential units which meant that 300,000 Munich residents were left homeless.At the Marienplatz the Nazi column encountered a large crowd which was listening to an exhortation of Julius Streicher, the Jew-baiter from Nuremberg, who had rushed to Munich at the first news of the putsch.Here is the view immediately after the war and today taken from the top of the Neues Rathaus next to the Marienplatz showing the roofless Altes Rathaus looking up Tal road.It was at the old town hall where, on November 9, 1938 Joseph Goebbels gave his infamous speech initiating the infamous nationwide Kristallnacht pogroms.

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