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Estrogen naturally primes the tissue to stretch and wear away as girls develop, and the shape and size also varies from person to person.Ironically, the least common coronal formation is the imperforate hymen that stretches all but completely across the vaginal canal - in other words, how we typically misconceptualize it.

Medically speaking, the hymen (derived from the Greek word for "membrane," but not to be confused with Greek god of marriage) is more accurately referred to as the vaginal corona.

Both Manning and Sless point out that although young girls are used to seeing themselves sexualised in the media, but always in ways geared toward male pleasure rather than theirs."Despite what many young people are viewing online and throughout pop culture, sexual pleasure isn't a one-way street," says Manning.

"Teaching girls to own their sexuality is as important as teaching them maths and English.""When the girls in our workshops recognise that the male-centric ideals presented in the media ignore their own pleasure, they feel empowered to embrace sexuality on their terms."Culturally, we're happy to teach girls that it's OK for them to be sexualised for others' pleasure in order to sell clothes, couture and TV shows, for some reason the idea of a young girl taking ownership of her own sexual feelings is still threatening.

Rohingya girls and women in Bangladesh's Cox's Bazar are being sold as sex slaves, according to a victim and aid agencies.

Fifteen-year-old Khartoun* told Al Jazeera she was sold into sex slavery after she arrived in Bangladesh by boat to escape a brutal military crackdown.

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Weighing that utter uselessness against its cultural impact on women's lives, the hymen might be the most overrated flap of flesh in the human body, the anatomical equivalent of a sexually charged appendix.

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