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It was one of the older classrooms in the school, not much different from when our parents went to school here. On the first day of class I was running late and at first I thought the class was full.

Actually, it was just the front of the classroom where the door was that was filled and the last row of stools was empty.

While I didn't think I was all that bad looking, sitting next to her I had to admit she was in a class of her own.

Robin was one of the hottest girls in school with a well-earned reputation as the school whore.In Robin's case I hadn't a clue how she got into hers or what kept the seams from bursting once they were on.Robin's blouses were always a size (or two) too small and they were usually cut low enough to show off lots of her ample cleavage.I don't think I ever saw her once in a dress or skirt that even came close to her knees, no matter what the weather or circumstances.The few times Robin wore jeans they looked like they'd been shrink wrapped on her.

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