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Although the Internet had become a seemingly secure private space for Russia’s LGBT community, the Kremlin has unleashed a wave of hate that has struck deep into the fragile core of the group's private online sphere.Though safe enclaves within major cities may continue to exist in Russia, the continuing homophobia and increasing government control of the Internet pose a growing threat to the web as one of the main lifelines of Russia’s LGBT community and one of the few remaining spaces for free expression.Even outside of official groups, certain teens have found support in unrelated cultural interests.The alternative music scene in Russia has been known to be tolerant towards LGBT youths, and other teenagers have found support through a shared interest in anime.These tactics have been used by a number of online groups, most notably Parents of Russia.Claiming to protect their children, the group openly aims to remove all LGBT and pro-LGBT teachers working in Russia. Timur Isaev, the leader of Parents of Russia, recently admitted to getting 29 teachers fired through online smear campaigns.Challenges and Dangers For all that the Ru Net has given rise to communities of support, it has also become a tool for increasingly violent and invasive anti-LGBT crimes.

These photos and personal information are then distributed in online smear campaigns, encouraging parents to file threatening complaints to the target’s employer.

For Russian school teachers this means any association with gay rights (no matter if they themselves are gay or if their views are privately expressed online) can be grounds for dismissal.

Not only does the Russian government condone such activities, but it too has targeted LGBT groups online.

If the assailants are even questioned, they can in turn claim that the victim had identified himself as homosexual or had come on to them, which constitutes a legitimate legal defense.

As a result, the vast majority of hate crimes towards LGBT youth go unpunished, and it becomes next to impossible to collect reliable statistics on abuses suffered by LGBT groups and individuals.

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