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I feel I need to reread many more of her books and perhaps I will in 2012. And it gets even better once Beverly becomes...a librarian!I first read this shortly after being accepted to library school and, many years and several re-reads later, find that Beverly's pride in her profession shines through.And she thinks of a boy who finds a dog, and a story she heard on base about a family who had to get a box from a grocery store during a rainstorm because that was the only way they could bring their dog home on the streetcar. ) We end the book with her thinking about a nice girl named Ellen whose woolen underwear is very inconvenient in ballet class (Ellen Tebbits is my favorite of all Beverly Cleary's books! Beverly is such a wonderful young woman, I think I would have liked to be friends with her.She makes the best of situations (probably as a result of growing up during the Depression, which could have made her depressed and always thinking about what might have been, like her mother, but it does not), and she gets through every problem through hard work, creativity, and determination.

Beverly would make a fantastic role model for any young girl with dreams and goals, and I now feel more warmly towards her than ever. The college parts, especially the Stebbins Hall details, are so wonderful that I once took a pilgrimage to Cal/UC Berkeley and could barely contain myself when a friendly undergrad asked me if I wanted a tour of Stebbins.Everything does not go her way (see: the dreaded English comps) like for everyone, and yet she succeeded beyond her wildest dreams.We don't see the success - only the years of hard work and deprivations and bullying by her mother who could have given Joan Crawford lessons in emotional abuse.I had trouble throughout both books remembering that her last name was Bunn.) When she and Clarence finally meet and start dating, it's not head over heels instantly for either one, and instead they date for a long time, getting to know each to her quite well.Her mother hates him immediately (truly she would have hated anyone Beverly loved I think) because he was Catholic (they are Protestant). War breaks out and Beverly works at a library on an army base and later in one at a hospital.

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It was interesting to read how each of them experienced the same time frame but from two different parts of the world.

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