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As sweet and as flattering as your flirtations have been, they must stop." she said it so firmly that I was afraid she was getting angry. It has been years since I've been with a man and now I have a funny, handsome, intelligent man flirting with me and he is almost young enough to be my son!" I stepped forward and taking her by the shoulders, I backed her against the wall of the barn.My final purchases included a forty-five caliber Henry Repeating Rifle, one hundred cartridges, a saddle scabbard, gun powder, primers, and shot for the shot gun and a block of lead for my pistol.Then as an after-thought, I bought two pair of civilian trousers, socks, boots and a black wide brimmed hat to replace my worn kepi.The South has to rebuild from the ashes sometime and they will be using timber from this farm when they do." "You're a genius." She said smiling broadly.Placing my packages on a workbench I said, "I told you that cavalrymen were the intelligent ones." "You also told me that they end up with the prettiest women, yet you are here with me." she said softly.A half an hour later I stood on the porch with Elizabeth and Shannon and we watched as the shopkeeper turned his wagon back onto the road and out of view. No go on inside, your mother and I won't be long." "Yes Sir." She said walking into the house. " I asked as I picked up my packages and started walking toward the barn.

Slowly she raised her arms and placed them around my neck and locking her hands together she pulled me in closer.But I will tell you that eventually, I will have you in my bed, that is non-negotiable." Stepping in to her body so closely that had it not been for our clothing, we could have been making love, I whispered, "Do I stay, or do I leave Elizabeth?" "God help me." she murmured softly, "Please don't leave Thaddeus. I need," she moaned as she stopped speaking and then she turned quickly and fled from the barn; running toward the house.As she did I ran my hands from her slender waist, up her body and began to stroke the sides of her breasts through the soft cotton of her blouse.Then I cupped them in my hands and started kneading them gently until she began to moan softly. " when I pulled away from her and looked into her blue eyes.

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