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Lee yu ri carried the first half and the JH MY couple carried the second half. The parents were so loving and caring and the dad was such a romantic. The episode where they had to sit on the stools was priceless. I'm hoping there's a season 2 for this drama and the players have to stay, because it's the same way of all the players in this drama, iki is the best family drama I've ever seen. Jung So-Min and Lee Joon makes a really cute pair in this drama that I wished they'd date it real life.

The writer of this show deserves all the awards bcoz they kept us hooked till the end. Am not sure I will ever make a time commitment to watch a weekend drama after this. This drama can't end, there has to be a 2nd season, I need to know what happened!! Overall, all the cast did a splendid job and I will miss this drama dearly.

In the final two episodes, I am waiting for more great acting by Lee Yu-ri as Byun Hye-young defending her father during his retrial and clearing the road ahead for her entire family. Many thanks to its entire team - and also to the subbers who are so fast and good. I love all the romance between the members of Byun Han so family. Also the in laws of Hyeyoung consume huge amount of time every week with an irrelevant storyline.

Everything's working out okay and that just means the end is near, am so sad!!! Maybe they could have reduced the episodes slightly and tightened the whole storyline and focused more on the JH and Mi Young track sweet moments.

Haven't watched a single episode yet but I think I will start tonight since it is completed. That's too many for my taste ='( however, due to the positive reviews and high ratings, I will attempt to watch it. Please make it possible for then to work with each other in the future.

i have been anticipating every episode of this drama. i have been patiently following how their love slowly bloomed. i love the storyline, the romance, the family bond, chemistry and everything about this drama. Thankyoy for making this drama, worth watching, the ratings prove that you are indeed a number one!

Her acting is really good in the drama I totally recommend. anyways the 52 episodes really just gone like that and I am still looking for the next episode. The story is really that amazing i mean it's true to life that everyone can relate for . Hope LJ and JSM will make another drama in the future..pleaaaase....

Good job to those who are behind this successful drama. The character she plays has a twin so in the drama she is playing two roles and gets revenge on the people that did her wrong. The best part is that u will love all the characters.. I am downloading all the episodes first once it is completed before watching any drama because I hate the idea of waiting every episode hahaha ... Am sure they will be one of the best couples at KBS Drama Awards 2017.

Right now I'm watching "Heaven's Promise" aka "The Promise". From the grandmother to the grandson, everyone acted perfectly. I never really expected I will finish this series very fast. Really loved the last 2 episodes especially the cute scenes of jh and my..those certainly made up for the previous sad episodes between the two.

This have been my joy during those busy and stressful weekend, now that this ended already, i am saddened and at the sametime happy and satisfied. it is just a shame that it ended already but this drama will remain as one of my best. i recommend this to everyone I'll miss waiting for the new ep, I will miss this drama! Lee Joon and Jung So Min should pair up in the future ? This has been a great drama but it shares a common failing with so many Korean dramas - glorification of falsehoods. Lee Joon and Jung So Min are so nakakakilig, I ship them so much.

I swear it is one of the best ❤ 52 eps is honestly not enough, I need more but everything comes to an end. If the "bad guys" lie, that is just another bad thing on their part. (except for kissing scene, well, call me hypocrite, but that's my feeling in every kissing scene, such as Another Miss Oh, Jealousy Incarnate and many more) Hye Young is cute, she has done great job as a youngest daughter of Byeon Han Soo Merdeka Indonesia! I wish this could get an extension (again) and I hope Lee Joon and So Min would pair up again in another drama (I know it's not possible...sighs*) Another week of waiting, but I know it's worth it. I love this drama so much...n would love to meet the cast someday...

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I kept on waiting for the new episodes every week and its sad that it has ended. I cried and laughed and also got excited for all the love scenes... Thank you Father Is Strange team, you have done a great job, each and everyone.

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