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It is just like how your grandma made it during your childhood.You were so excited to see the delight in a bowl on the table then.Frying the boondis : These motichoor boondis are even smaller and a mustard and the ghee is as hot as it would smoke which means as soon as it goes to the ghee it gets cooked in a jiffy. Also make sure you let the boondis get rid of excess ghee.

Look, Look at the pearls which, absolutely round, and perfect!The syrup : As soon as the sugar melts transfer to a very very low flame and add in the fried motichoor boondis.For the moti(s) to choor you need to cook them in such a way that they absorb the syrup and get soft.TIPS / Tricks / Do’s and Don’ts: Besan : For this recipe let me explain. Bombay Besan and the Normal/Coarse Besan are the normal two kinds.Bombay Besan is a fine variety of besan, usually used in the fritters.

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