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When I decided to try online dating (at the urging of some friends and Evan’s blog), I went in with the mindset that I was looking for quality not quantity.I only sent emails to guys whose profiles had the values that I was looking for and that were well written.Literally, just went through all the Finding the One Online material and found a boyfriend in 1 month.What do you think a 29-year-old could do if you learned how to do it right instead of complaining about how everything is wrong?In these cases, the situation is just too fresh for him to make a great partner for someone else.If he’s really that perfect of a match for you, he’ll still be available when the ink dries. They may have a lot going for them: - They understand what it’s like to go though a divorce - They’ve proven they can make a commitment (sort of) - They know how to be a life partner, and - Hopefully, they’ve learned a few lessons from their divorce about how to make a woman happy!

Almost always, it’s a bad idea to date a man who is only separated, or whose divorce is still in the works.

And generic profiles and emails often mask amazing personalities.

As a result, you really can’t tell from online dating – you just have to make the best with what you’ve got.

Your job is not to stop the “wrong” men from writing to you.

If you’re 29 and cute, they’re going to be coming out of the woodwork – 55 year old men from 100 miles away, telling you that you’re beautiful. Men copy and paste emails because such a low percentage of women write back to them.

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Those were far and few in between, and most of those guys didn’t respond, just as the was mentioned in the question even though we were SO alike.

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