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Either excluded, ridiculed – and in the worst cases exterminated (think nazi eugenics) – to be small is to have your place in the world pre-determined.They have in the past found homes in circuses and freak shows, even being regarded as property – signs of status and wealth by European Royalty of the middle ages onwards.

Maybe it was Goya...) of small people from the courts of various European monarchs.

(For those concerned: I came across Bridget the Midget through a friend who works in advertising, and was seeking her out for a project. God bless the bottomless morass that is the advertising industry).

What to do with a person who embodies specifically the apparent conflict or unease that society projects onto issues of difference and sexuality?

Iraq, gay marriage, religion, and Bush’s seven-minute 9/11 freeze-up are all in his sights, but someone should tell Maher that Ru Paul jokes haven’t been funny since… EXTRAS A Q&A finds the host in his element, affably chatting with the Portland, Ore., audience about his health-food obsession and pothead pride.

When not focusing on a lone Christian zealot loudly protesting in front of the auditorium, a behind-the-scenes featurette shows Maher walking through halls, getting made up, and doing a quickie photo shoot — the very definition of filler.

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Too often, difference is associated with disability – or undesirability.

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  1. He was always horny, being eighteen, and his fantasies always included his mother being his sexual submissive and obeying his every order, the way he assumed she did for his father in the bedroom when he was alive.