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However, it also seems that variations of it were reported in 2013 and again in 2011.

Check out these posts on Yahoo discussion boards and Asia

NOTE: This story was updated below on February 21, 2017.

Many men have reported being targeted through posts on Craigslist, Meet Me and Meet4U app in addition to Plenty of Fish.

I will be signing an arrest warrent in your county.

If you would like to discuss this before I go to the police department I would suggest contacting me ASAP, or get an attorney.

Once you have downloaded the money to the card i just need the 10 digit code under the scratch off on the back of the card. Also the numbers that contacted me [were] from Alabama, which according to the guy they moved from there to Virginia over a year ago. Reaching out to other young people is as common as breathing.

I Robert Wilson swear under penalty of perjury that i will not prosecute in any type of court against you upon the receipt of 300.00 for the laptop which is in associated with the nude pictures and messages exchanged between you and Sarah who is a minor. I wouldn’t think they would keep an Alabama number. I [have] been looking around and have not seen anything quite like this posted. So when “Sarah” said that she talked to Dazed Guy87 a few weeks before it’s easy to believe.

We believe this because of a few “bread crumbs” in the way the scam was conducted and the language used.So I messaged the guy back, there was no way i knew this girl was underage (if it is even a girl).He then calls me from the number and starts yelling at me.For example, we think it likely that a lower level “underling” first contacted Dazed Guy87.Once the victim was hooked, the underling passed him off to a “higher-up” or leader using the second phone number.

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