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In fact, nothing about their dress or behavior will seem out of character for an average, if high-end, prostitute. And yet you try to find another way to describe half a dozen women who allow themselves to be presented, en masse, as a kind of writhing tableau, all of them regarding poor Philippoussis -- now in complete hormonal meltdown -- with winks, leers and lip-smacking.

; born 7 November 1976) is an Australian retired tennis player of Greek and Italian descent. His greatest achievements are winning two Davis Cup titles with Australia in 19, winning the deciding rubber in the final of each.

Professional tennis player Mark Philippoussis is the prize in this dating competition with a twist.

When one turns out to be 48, with a son who is nearly his own age, the tennis player is close to tears."She could be my mom," he says, gloomily, in a post-game interview.

"The thought of that just freaks me out." The women, on the other hand, are thrilled.

Yes, but while Philippoussis believes he's talking about the women vying for his affections, they're the least of his problems.

For "The Age of Love," in the tradition of "The Bachelor" and its romantic-competition ilk, is the most heartless kind of TV spectacle.

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