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It ALL started (as clichéd as it might sound) pretty ordinarily. It was on the Phone, that the actual "getting-to-know" stuff happened. The Libran Girl kept insisting that I come visit her. Honestly I learnt a lot more from her, than she actually learnt from me. On the day last I met her, I was all senti, and she said in one line "No sentiments yaar. Nevertheless, what initially started as something very very formal has quickly blossomed into a very healthy friendship of which I am really proud of.

I first met "The Libran Girl" at an extended work-place. During the short visit, we exchanged a lot of notes - common stuff, problems, awesome lunch/dinners during weekends - and plenty of esoteric knowledge as well.

It really becomes a pain, when you cannot be yourself anywhere online. You cannot put it up as a status on your FB or Twitter for fear of your employer reading it.

Have a compartment, where someone sees only what they should be able to see.

She must subscribe to atleast 3 dozen blogs on the Internet and be up-to-date with latest tech trends. It had never occurred to me, even for a single instant in the past 9 months, to look forward into the prediction. In hind-sight, the past 12 months have been the best 12 months in a long long time. :) : DAnd this what triggered the "Kiruba-Massacre" on Twitter.

She must know how to download files from Megaupload, Rapidshare, Mediafire and 4Shared. What actually happened was that people sidelined the main issue of "a child driving a car on the highway" and resorted to personal attacks. One blogger from Singapore, hit below the belt with this comment. The animosity that they (the people) had against him, manifested itself in tweets that can be classified from #nauseating to #outrightedly Disgusting.

[Deposit Files, Drop Box users are also encouraged]P. Going by the volume of tweets on Twitter, it was clear, Kiruba was being hounded. For a small duration of time on 20th April, #Kiruba was trending twitter. He took all the jokes and blogposts and tweets pretty casually. Don't tell me, he'd better take them casually, because he was on the wrong side.

Around February 2010, I had this burning desire to get myself a Tarot Card Reading. Before you come to any conclusion, there is an Epilogue regarding this prediction at the end. S:- If you find some of the points really romantic (or) mushy (or) disgusting (as your taste may be), and totally unlike the Hari that you've known, Sorry, You just haven't known me yet.. One of them was At that point of time, being the eager and curious chap that I was, I interpreted that quote as "meeting the girl of my dreams" and I was literally jumping with joy.Of late a lot of people(especially my female friends) have been constantly asking, if they should start looking out for a girl for me. Even when I tell it out loud and clear, they assume its only a manifestation of my inner desire to get married (duh !!! So recently a couple of friends got down to the real basics and asked me what were my expectations. The other has made me get in touch with my inner-self, asking me some deeply profounding questions for which I have no answers.# Both are extremely attractive women, capable of flooring any guy on the block. # "The Libran Girl" and "The Other Libran Girl" have a way with words. :) # Both have admitted to me, that I am one of the most intelligent man they have met in their lives. I am thankful to god, for bringing these women into my life and literally changing the course of my life. I connect with "The Libran Girl" in a more intellectual manner, its more mature. Honestly speaking, I have absolutely no intention of getting married. S:- All three, even went to the extent, of saying, "If you ever find such a girl, Marry Her and Take very good care of her. " You bet, I would marry her and Wouldn't even let your husbands have a look at her. We've had conversations that ran into multiple days.. I tell both these women, quite often, that I adore them. Each shows to me a different aspect every day, that I am sometimes too stunned for words. One brought back my interest in something that I had almost abandoned - for lack of someone to share my knowledge with.

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These days every Tom Dick and Hari calls himself a Social Media Evangelist/Observer/Enthusiast.

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