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If only Will/RJ hadn't boxed themselves into such a cliche. Oh well, they threw gay men and liberal women under the bus for some broken SJW cause. Actually, he's always so raunchy that you can tell he would showed dick in his videos if he could.Ironic that the Trannies and Frauge are the ones ripping them a new one.[quote]RJ and Will have an open relationship. R42 I don't think he needs to worry about gays body shaming him. I mean he's like friends with a lot of porn actors.I think RJ used to work for Andrew Christian, so he got to know a few from there. R75 is ruggedly handsome, with the walk of a jungle cat on the hunt, and commanding clear eyes that express will, intelligence, and determination.I imagine that since he lives in West Hollywood it is easier to meet them there. But the hair, Oh my God, my great aunt Patience has better curls.I've always gotten the vibe that Ethan would break up with Mark if anything.Mark just seems to always be trying to "prove" something.

However, if you choose to stay with us, know that it's not where we are, but it's what we are doing. When you open yourself up on Youtube and put your life on display, you also open yourself up to criticism.We get it, he thinks of himself as some butch frat bro.I know people who stopped watching him because he's so annoying.Now this will be interesting to see because they are clearly midwestern boys. That boy has raging hormones, that are perhaps muted in Ol' boring Indiana, but in LA he'll have access to prime A meat. The Frauge and Trannies are kicking RJ in the nuts, as we all said they would, look how some of them talk about him without #tagging him so the guy never finds out what his supposedly "viewers" say about him.I mean the culture shock might be worse than Will/RJ. And don't tell me Will hasn't noticed, but Will is often too preoccupied licking Trans ass.

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I rather watch Mark and Ethan be genuine than trying to come off as diplomats. It's a wonderful city with a lot of genuine people. If the comments are "mythical" then why did Mark have to respond to them bemoaning the "hate"?

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