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According to Brandeis University's Jonathan Sarna, one of the leading historians of American Jewry, some Orthodox are concerned about men marrying younger women, thus "stealing" them from other men their own age.

"To others, it means - and this is indeed a crisis - the deeply intrusive investigations undertaken of the intended and their families to make certain that they are proper 'type,'" Sarna told Anglo File.

Eight years ago, while still a student at New York's Yeshiva University, he founded "End the Madness," an organization dedicated to fighting "the angst and hardships associated with dating in the religious Jewish community." What started as an informational Web site has grown to a decent-sized movement organizing lectures about dating and events for singles to mix and meet.

(While Weissman sees himself as an educator and not a matchmaker, he says he knows of at least 20 couples who got married after meeting at his events.) Now Weissman is bringing his project to Israel, at the group's inaugural Israel Shabbaton, taking place May 7 and 8 in Modi'in.

Only two factors determine who marries and who stays single, he added: being at the right time at the right place, and God's help.

Could be dominance, vulnerability, innocence, connection.”This drawing was put into evidence as Unger, now 28, was questioned by David Dinielli, a senior attorney in a legal team representing Unger, his friend Chaim Levin, 26, and two other young men.

"The notion that any blot on the family record is enough to prevent an engagement is absurd and damaging, but prevalent." To still others, crisis is really the pressure placed on Orthodox young people to marry early," he continued, adding that "a numbers of these marriages end badly." Samuel C.

Heilman, a New Yorker sociologist and one of the leading scholars of Orthodoxy, said the true shidduch crisis is perhaps the fact that non-Haredi Orthodox Jews, who are unwilling to operate in the traditional matchmaking framework, marry later than in life because they spend more time being educated.

Yearning to find a spouse but wary of traditional matchmaking in the Orthodox community, he reluctantly agreed to meet the girl.

Then he learned the girl had set some preconditions for the date.…New York immigrant rabbi sets out to reform 'madness' of Orthodox matchmaking world By Raphael Ahren • Ha'aretz A few months after Chanaya Weissman - an Orthodox rabbi from New York - had moved to Jerusalem, an American-born couple offered to set him up with a young woman.

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