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Technically, the designers used some nice, clever tricks, with a lot of attention to detail.

For fans of the movies there are lots of easter eggs and the potential for scene replication is tremendous.

So, if you want to splurge, if you have a windfall coming your way, it's a great set.

SIMILARLY, given the spare no expense feel of the rest of the building, I was surprised to see the use of the large wall panels on the back of the building (leaving a depression).Stav si scény z filmu Krotitelé duchů s třípatrovou základnou na požární stanici, která obsahuje laboratoř, obytné prostory, skladovací jednotku a mnohem více.Chytej duchy pomocí protonových batohů a nastol pořádek nebo řeš jiné nadpřirozené případy!Obsahuje 9 minifigurek: Petera Venkmana, Raymonda Stantze, Egona Spenglera, Winstona Zeddemora, Janine Melnitzovou, Danu Barrettovou, Louis Tullyovou, Zombie řidiče a Ducha z knihovny.Having been a fan of Ghostbusters since a young age, and already owning the Lego Ideas Ecto-1 set, as soon as this was announced I knew I had to have one, regardless of the price. The level of detail in the Firehouse is fantastic, with scenes from both films featured and a multitude of little easter eggs hidden around the building.

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