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I do not own any of the DC Comics characters or events.

They had their shiny degrees, certificates to show that they understood and had made sense of it all, yet in reality they were just as lost as everyone else.

Queen Alexandria of Themyscira and Head Healer Clarke Griffin have been in love for over two thousand years.

Duty and residual guilt have prevented Lexa from fully committing herself to Clarke, but a fateful day arrives, and Lexa throws all caution to the wind.

What she doesn't know is that Cat is also questioning her actions and reactions when it comes to the younger woman.

But, while Kara and Cat get closer, a new threat approaches National City that will require Supergirl to get the help of some known and new allies. No Kryptonians, no Myriad, no Jimmy Olsen romance and characters react more realistically to tragedy.

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