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Josephine's development from hating to loving Christmas is the cognitive level, whereas Denmark's course — from harmony with Christianity to disharmony without Christianity back to harmony with Christianity — constitutes the pragmatic level.

That is what he wants to do: be a famous gladiator and fight in the Coliseum in Rome. Nobody has names, but only a number, and everybody must work in Thorsen's boiler rooms. But when the protagonists have overcome the crisis (e.g., found a cure for Santa), the state of harmony is restored and we all celebrate Christmas once again. The initial state of harmony is not engendered by a crisis, but by a pseudo-crisis: Josephine must share her birthday with Jesus.

Josephine does not get any further in her inquiry; she is interrupted because Jesus comes to Denmark. You had the whole world in your hand, but look what happens. Jesus answers yes because now he knows for whom he must die!

He has found the other end of the time travelling device and would like to see where Josephine lives. He is sent to a psychiatric hospital; but Josephine rescues him and he returns to Galilee. The world looks like this just because you want to be gladiator. Christ: And then humans have to live without hope for salvation in a world that looks like this! In this way we end where a Christmas Calendar must end: in the good old traditional Danish Christmas.

She travels back to Galilee; but the turning point happens when Jesus has a revelatory dream and sees the present state in Denmark. In the end, the state of harmony is restored and even confirmed because Josephine's critique of Jesus' stealing her birthday has ceased.

In his dream, he meets Christ, and the following dialogue takes place: Jesus: Who are you? This story has two levels, a cognitive and a pragmatic one.

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I have seen the serie twice Il a jou dans Jesus og Josefine un calendrier de nol ''Julekalender''.

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