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But then Sara Scur came in to read for the role and she was just wonderful, and I realized that especially if I’m directing, she has the bigger role, and I just felt like Jacobs would be more fun for me to do.Because Sarah Feldman is very much like me — she’s based on me, and I pretty much put a lot of my own voice into that character, so it’s a lot more fun for me to play against type with Jacobs.Sara Scur, who plays Sarah Feldman, is actually not Jewish, and Nathan Shapiro, who plays Ben, is also not Jewish [on his mother’s side].

Do you actually live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan?

[Laughing.] Sarah Jacobs is actually based on a couple of people I know, so I spent time with them.

One of my old roommates is a big inspiration, and she knew it, and she was proud of it, so I would kind of follow her around, and just observe her and take little mannerisms.

They’re getting out there through our promotion, so it’s been a really good partnership on both sides.

Has working on the show helped any of the cast or crew find a match — or at least get an interesting date?

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Gottfried credits the Israeli television show “” about Modern Orthodox dating in Jerusalem as a model; Hoffman says that show taught him to trust the audience to catch cultural references.

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