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L’autre Takki est émouvant aussi, sa palette d’acteur s’est bien améliorée.

Takei Akashi est extraordinaire et très émouvant quand il mime la souffrance dû à son cancer.Notice the unrequited love progression (the thick red arrows), starting at Sawamura and continuing all the way to the teacher.Those red arrows, are really the main problem this show deals with. The whole show, other than resting emotionally on the line, which runs through Irie’s head several times per episode, “That’s why I won’t forget you,” is built on a solid philosophical base: the question, “If you have a piece of strawberry shortcake, and you like the strawberry on top the best, do you eat the strawberry first, or last? The two supporting characters kept it from being a total disaster, but I’ve never seen another show where the two leads were both so disgusting.Cependant au fil du temps, quest devenu le vrai Manato ?Sa rencontre avec Yui (Kyoko Fukada) va lui permettre de reprendre confiance en lui et de redevenir lui-mme.

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