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Much advice is doled out in the rooms of 12-step meetings about relationships in early recovery.

“Don’t date in the first year of sobriety,” is one of the most common rules of thumb that many 12 steppers advocate.

Users can change their sexual preferences and choose to be interested in “Male”, “Female”, or “Both”.

SOBER: Tinder has grown to much more than just a dating app — it has become one of the first apps to successfully help people meet.

As someone who is sober himself, 21-year-old Founder and CEO Antoine Nauleau has recently developed and launched an app targeting anyone living a sober life called “Sober“.

Today, we talk with him about healthy dating, and what it looks like.

Or perhaps your spouse is in recovery, and you need advice about how to avoid risking their recovery?

There is something about approaching someone, and engaging in conversation that way.

SOBER: I wouldn’t say that people in recovery are necessarily “lacking” anything towards dating, but something that I’ve experienced myself and seen others struggle with is dependence to love and co-dependence of each other.

It’s important to maintain who you are as an individual and to keep growing in your life.

We also added some tools for users in distress or in need of professional services through our “Help” feature.

From there, users can find information about different recovery based institutions, addiction doctors, and hospitals, which people from our team have had first hand experiences with and know to be credible places.

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