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A few months ago I successfully completed, and received, the Start Deutsch A2 certificate. The test had the same components as A1, but very little (if any) grammar requirement.

I would like to start the B1 level, but don't think that I know enough proper grammar to put it all together.

My favourite book for this is Hammer’s German Grammar and Usage.

There is just so much to learn in that book (and you could use it for self protection it’s so thick and heavy).

Jörg Seifert Students will also be encouraged to read regularly the many magazines and newspapers available in the Centre to keep up to date with events in Germany and German-speaking countries.

Grammar Consolidation of major elements, such as: This module is designed to meet the needs of undergraduates who wish to acquire a more detailed and more specialised knowledge of the German language.

Can anyone recommend a real pre-B1 preparation (or A2 review) course (not Duolingo), teacher, book or learning aid that will help build my grammar confidence.

The module is offered to undergraduates who already have a good knowledge of German (i.e.

good A level or equivalent) or have successfully completed German 4.

Because of the back and forth way grammar is taught , I have several loose threads of knowledge that I can't seem to put in a straight line.

I understand the overall theory so re-taking an entire A2 course would not be the solution.

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I use a simple example of my frustration in learning German…

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