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Herbal medicines Herbal medicines include herbs, herbal materials, herbal preparations and finished herbal products, that contain as active ingredients parts of plants, or other plant materials, or combinations. • Herbs: crude plant material such as leaves, flowers, fruit, seed, stems, wood, bark, roots, rhizomes or other plant parts, which may be entire, fragmented or powdered.

Traditional use of herbal medicines Traditional use of herbal medicines refers to the long historical use of these medicines. '° Of 25 patients treated with aciu^tin for a mean of 5 years one had abnormal calcification thought to be caused by the drug;" therapy with acitrctin was continued with no further side-ef- fects. Hypercalcemia a.ssociated with ora Ul isotretinoin in the treatment of severe acne.

The guidelines respond to both growing interest in the therapeutic applications of acupuncture and the need to validate these applications through the compilation of reliable and comparable clinical data. Ejaculatory failure has been reported in 3 men to be associated with isotretinoin treat- ment.' A possible mechanism could be an effect on the goblet cells of the seminal vesicles, an effect similar to die general reduction in body secretions which leads to dry mucous mem- branes. been a report of fatal toxic epidermal necrolysis associated with etretinate.''^ Acne fulminans has been reported as a com- , i m m it rl 1- 4 'I I J ■ ! Berberine may also be used as a flavouring agent in Cfood and alcoholic drinks. iergamot Oil (46i3-g) ^ I Bergamot Essence; Oleum Bergamottae.

Guidelines for the appropriate use of herbal medicines Reports the findings and recommendations of a working group convened to prepare guidelines for the use of herbal medicines in Western Pacific countries. Effect of dietary fish oil on hyperlipidaemia due to isotretinoin and etretinate.

ress conference on WHO'S traditional medicine strategy "full textl »2 September 2001 egional Committee seeks integration of traditional medicine In health services ffull textl televant publications and documents Guidelines for clinical research in acupuncture The guidelines aim to encourage the use of systemic laboratory and clinical studies as a way of validating acupuncture, improving its acceptability to modern medicine, and thus extending its use as a simple, Inexpensive, and effective therapeutic option. Apart from the moit common adverse effects of oral retinoids on the skin and hair . Rabbant GH, et al Randomized controlled trial of berberine sulfate therapy for diarrhea due to enterotoxigenic Escherichia ^ %,ilycoli and Vibrio cholerae. |V3 ' i J cine: 1 Medicinal plants against protozoal diseases.

It sets out guidelines that incorporate the established methods and procedures of scientific investigation, yet reflect the special nature of acupuncture as a discipline. Effects of -isotretinoin on male re- productive system. (see above), there have been isolated reports of granuloma- tous lesions,'-^ precipitation or exacerbation of eryihroder- ma,' '* palmo-plantar eruptions.^ prurigo-Uke eruptions,* scalp , folliculitis.^ pyoderma gangrenosum,'-'' palmo-plantar sticbi j ness,^ curling hair,'° and chloasma (melasma)." There has . jpn includes berberine chloride and bert^^r ihe I'ptannate. in various species if^ of Berberis, and in many other plants. It possesses antimicrobial i activity and has been tried as various salts in a number of in- I fections. Clinical trial of berberine in acute watery , I ' ' diarrhoea. Trans R r%f Sac Trap Med Hygl99U 95: li-2\, preparations ^proprietary Preparations (details are given in Part 3) fvlasmil.* Murine, r^f llfulti-ingreilient: Fr.: Pastilles Jesself; Sedacollyre. .1 A greenish or brownish-yellow volatile oil with a characteris- ; 3 tic fragrant odour and a bitter aromatic taste, obtained by ex- pfession from the fresh peel of fruit of Citrus bergamia ^ (Rutaceae).

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