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The site was explored by 19th-century voyagers including Holand, Pouqueville, Beaujour, Cousinéry, Delacoulonche, Hahn, Glotz and Struck, based on the descriptions provided by Titus Livius,. In February 2006, a farmer accidentally uncovered the largest tomb ever found in Greece.

The names of the noble ancient Macedonian family are still on inscriptions and painted sculptures and walls have survived. Overall, archaeologists have uncovered 1,000 tombs since the year 2000, but these only represent an estimated 5% of the site.

In 2009 43 graves containing rich and elaborate grave goods were found and in 2010 37 tombs dating from 650 to 280 BC were discovered containing rich ancient Macedonian artifacts ranging from ceramics to precious metals.

One of the tombs was the final resting place of a warrior from the 6th century BC with a bronze helmet with a gold mouthplate, weapons and jewellery.

This street is the primary access to the central public agora, which occupied a space of ten blocks.

Two North-South streets are also a bit wider than the rest, and serve to connect the city to the port further South.

In about 90 BC the city was destroyed by an earthquake; shops and workshops dating from the catastrophe have been found with remains of their merchandise, though the city was eventually rebuilt over its ruins.Four pairs of colonial magistrates (duumvirs quinquennales) are known for this period.The decline of the city was rapid, in spite of being a Colonia: Dio Chrysostom (Or., Pélla), is an ancient city located in Central Macedonia, best known as the historical capital of the kingdom of Macedon in the time of Alexander the Great.On the site of the ancient city is the Archaeological Museum of Pella.

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  1. Rather, it's a way to determine the age of organic remains such as bone, teeth, and seeds by finding out how much carbon-14 is left in the remains. At the very least you'll find out what it's like to date a 9,000-year-old skeleton such as Kennewick Man's.