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She testified at Johnson’s retrial three years later.DNA evidence included a hair found on Carol Heath’s body.A cigarette butt found in the pocket of a shirt left at a roadside park with Heath’s blood on it also had Johnson’s saliva on it. Lee, 51, was sentenced to die for the 1993 death of his neighbor Debra Reese, who was struck 36 times with a tire tool her husband had given her for protection.

The seven scheduled executions for one month is a record for Arkansas. — Despite several court rulings that put its plans in jeopardy, Arkansas hopes to go ahead with the executions of six men between Monday and April 27, which would be a pace exceeded only by Texas since the U. Supreme Court reauthorized the death penalty in 1976.Ward’s initial death sentence was overturned because a judge let jurors consider documents related to Ward’s 1977 murder conviction in Pennsylvania.A second death sentence was overturned because a court transcript was filled with errors. Ward had been scheduled for execution Monday but the state Supreme Court granted a stay on Friday so courts could consider his mental health.Another federal judge on Saturday ordered a halt to all of the executions, saying the men have the right to challenge prison procedures that could expose them to “severe pain.”Here is a look at the eight inmates and their cases: Ward, 60, has been on death row since 1990 for the death of a clerk found strangled in the men’s room of the Little Rock convenience store where she worked. A police officer noticed no one was in the store and pulled up to find Ward walking out of the men’s room.Surveillance video later revealed that Ward asked Doss for help to open the men’s room door.

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