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Most people understand the concept of Pick Up Artists (PUA's), but what most do not know is there is a thriving, well trained, disiplined and organized community where men seek to truly become masters at social interactions with women.This community was brought into the public eye with the release of Neil Strauss'es infamout book called "The Game".The opinion of our users is important to us and we have taken many suggestions on board and put them into action.Our main aim is to provide an uncomplicated and easy to use genuine free online dating service to people living in the UK.Although Abrams once serenaded a female friend in the audience, he is said to be smitten with the singer.

There are lots of great guys out there who never really get a chance to meet their perfect someone and often settle for whomever they can get because they lack the initial social skills to attract their ideal partners.

Abrams looked like he was going to collapse after he was saved from elimination from the judges last week.

He slipped onto his knees, grabbed his heads and was trembling with disbelief at his good fortune at being allowed to stay another week.

It is quite literally akin to having a PHD in meeting women.

This website is my social study on going from an AFP (a term in the community for Average Frustrated Chump) to PUA.

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The difference between men who are successful with women and those who are not has very little to do with looks... Firstly, one of the major parts of learning PUA is approaching women, I mean alot of women and field testing your techniques etc to get comfortable approaching.

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