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You're dating a married man, but if you think he'll be yours one day, guess again.At least three times a week I get an email from women asking me about the married man they're dating.The share of Americans who are married is at its lowest point since at least 1920.Half of Americans ages 18 and over were married in 2015, compared with 72% in 1960. Jo Ann Bitner has been on both sides of a love triangle.During her 15-year second marriage, to a San Diego doctor, she says she discovered that her husband had been carrying on a lengthy affair.

For the next three years, dozens of women participated in sessions at Bitner’s office.But while financial stability may not be an important in a spouse – especially women who have never married but say they want to or are not sure if they want to: 78% say finding a spouse or partner with a steady job would be very important to them.Never-married men, however, have different priorities. While 46% say finding a spouse or partner with a steady job is very important, a larger share (62%) says that finding someone who shares their ideas about raising children is.One possible reason for this disparity is that women are less interested than men in remarrying.About half (54%) of previously married women said in our 2014 survey that they did Americans today are increasingly looking for love online.

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A total of 15% of American adults have used online dating sites and/or mobile dating apps, according to our 2015 survey, up from 11% who reported doing so in 2013.

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