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Back in her bedroom, ask her a kiss when she lays on her bed (need flattered=4), then strip naked (need impressed=4). As Latricia is not properly dressed, give her the dress that you previously bought at the town shop.

You can go in any room of the castle with her naked, she even sit naked on the throne ! At the town inn, meet Latricia and suggest Evana to invite her to the castle.

- Have her change into something suitable for going out.

- Kiss her - Ask her to take something off - Comment on her skin glistening - Play through the end Ending 4 : Madlore - Be shown around castle - Find sparring room.

ERRORS COME UP WHEN TRYING TO LOAD, TOO BAD TO BECAUSE IT LOOKS LIKE A FUN GAME TO BAD IT CAN`T BE PLAYED. Very good game from Chaotic, the Evana date is an attempt at showing something different, while expanding on the Latricia world.

In the castle, go with the two girls in the wine cellar, and make Latricia drink. i keep getting "page not found" errors, any suggestions? i love the games from that site, but i find them very buggy. i`ve been playing a few of these games and have a few questions. i`ve been on this website for a while unregistered, pardon me if i ask a buch of questions today.

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As with most virtual date games, this one was excellent.

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