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The mission of the Company is to join its community partners and stake holders to make CONCOR a Company of outstanding quality.To provide responsive, cost effective, efficient and reliable logistics solutions to its customers through synergy with community partners and ensuring profitability and growth.Aaron Leach is senior director of supply chain with Wayne Farms, LLC, in Oakwood, Ga. Wayne Farms is the sixth largest vertically integrated producer and processor of poultry in the United States.Kelli’s Gift Shop Suppliers deployed Janam’s mobile computers and transformed its distribution center operations.A third-party logistics partnership with Kane Is Able helped Nutrabolt meet these challenges.Kelvin Miller, an equipment and mobility readiness spare parts allocation supervisor with the military contractor Dyn Corp International, manages inventory and gets it ready to deploy when the time comes.From improving efficiency and productivity, find out how the handheld devices boosted inventory control and customer satisfaction for the wholesale distributor.

A lack of route optimization software led to out-of-control logistics costs for Optimum Dental Studio, so the company turned to Maxoptra to optimize routing to serve dental offices and their patients.

The 3 Quarters of FY 2017-18 have shown an appreciable improvement in the performance and we are going aggressively ahead in consolidating on the gains already achieved.

Strategic Tie-ups with Partners like KRIL and CWCNSL have expanded our Terminal network and is a step in the direction of complementing each other's strength and capabilities and providing enhanced value to our Customers.

Its long-time logistics service provider Evans Distribution Systems staffed the new DC for Vitro to ensure a quality workforce.

DC Solutions With production already at capacity and limited room for expansion, visual technologies manufacturer Christie installed two Shuttle Vertical Lift Module (VLM) storage and retrieval systems from Kardex Remstar – recovering 70 percent floor space, doubling capacity, and cutting labor requirements in half.

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