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After the First World War, Belgrade became the seat of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes (in 1929, the country changed its name to Kingdom of Yugoslavia) until its collapse in 1943.

Due to its strategic location, the city has seen more than 115 wars and has been destroyed more than forty times.

Various styles of architecture dominate the city, and its recent resurgence as the leading hub in Southeastern Europe makes it a must see destination.

These attract a good deal of local attention, and help in raising the city's profile as a cultural hotspot.

Belgradians, like most Serbs, are friendly and hospitable people, who will always go out of their way to make guests feel welcome.

This often violent history and outside influence has colored much of Belgrade's evolution, which is evident in its culture and architecture.

Often caught between the hammer and anvil of clashing empires, the city has taken on a unique character, reminiscent of both Austrian and Turkish influences, with a unique set of Communist elements thrown in as Yugoslavia was expelled from the Eastern Bloc in 1948 but followed its own brand of Communism until Marshal Tito died in 1980.

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As with any destination, it could prove useful to learn some of the local phrases.

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