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Kids get training from the Actors Institute, Alvin Ailey and other industry pros. High-achievers selectged for programs in music, art, history, and environmental science.Students of all abilities take sports medicine, computer programming, international relations. Forest Hills High School 67-01 110 St., QUEENS ADMISSION: Screened and zoned ENROLLMENT: 3,834 GRADUATION RATE: 83.1% COLLEGE READY: 49.1% COLLEGE ENROLLMENT: 66.2% # TAKING SAT: 762 AVERAGE TOTAL SAT SCORE: 1407 # TAKING AP TESTS: 882 AP PASS RATE: 50.9% “Blue Ribbon School of Excellence” draws gifted kids to science and math honors programs, producing Siemens and Intel contenders. Frederick Douglass Academy 2581 7th Ave., MANHATTAN ADMISSION: Grades, test scores, priority to continuing 8th graders ENROLLMENT: 1,199 GRADUATION RATE: 76.2% COLLEGE READY: 47.5% COLLEGE ENROLLMENT: 73% # TAKING SAT: 214 AVERAGE TOTAL SAT SCORE: 1374 # TAKING AP TESTS: 167 AP PASS RATE: 59.9% Distinguished 6-13 school with strict rules of conduct and rich extracurriculars, including world travel. Urban Assembly School For Law And Justice 283 Adams St., BROOKLYN ADMISSION: Priority to NYC residents who attend info session ENROLLMENT: 450 GRADUATION RATE: 87.6% COLLEGE READY: 36.9% COLLEGE ENROLLMENT: 83% # TAKING SAT: 105 AVERAGE TOTAL SAT SCORE: 1206 # TAKING AP TESTS: 34 AP PASS RATE: 67.9% Successful small school preps kids for college. They may travel abroad, intern at a law firm or with the Brooklyn DA, or attend summer school at an Ivy League university. Urban Assembly School for Applied Math and Science 1595 Bathgate Ave., The BRONX ADMISSION: Priority to continuing 8th graders, Bronx residents who attend info session ENROLLMENT: 348 GRADUATION RATE: 90.8% COLLEGE READY: 52.9% COLLEGE ENROLLMENT: 86.1% # TAKING SAT: 80 AVERAGE TOTAL SAT SCORE: 1290 # TAKING AP TESTS: 16 AP PASS RATE: 75% High expectations at 6-12 school get results High graduation rate, college-bound kids, some accepted at elite universities.Here is a PDF for all 417 NYC public schools by the numbers: 1. THE BRONX ADMISSION: SHSAT exam ENROLLMENT: 3,013 GRADUATION RATE: 99.7% COLLEGE READY: 99.9% COLLEGE ENROLLMENT: 99.9% # TAKING SAT: 731 AVERAGE TOTAL SAT SCORE: 1969 # TAKING AP TESTS: 1598 AP PASS RATE: 85.8% 3.

We offer a competitive salary and excellent benefits package. CALL ROOM RECEPTIONIST Community Medical and Dental Care, Inc., a busy medical center in Rockland County, NY is seeking candidates for a call room receptionist.

From Greek and Latin to cancer research, all classes are honors, AP or college level. Millennium High School 75 Broad St., MANHATTAN ADMISSION: Grades, test scores; priority to residents south of Houston ENROLLMENT: 626 GRADUATION RATE: 99.3% COLLEGE READY: 91.2% COLLEGE ENROLLMENT: 84.2% # TAKING SAT: 144 AVERAGE TOTAL SAT SCORE: 1614 # TAKING AP TESTS: 121 AP PASS RATE: 76.3% 15. Baccalaureate School For Global Education 34-12 36th Ave., QUEENS ADMISSION: Grades, test scores, priority to continuing 8th graders ENROLLMENT: 259 GRADUATION RATE: 93.2% COLLEGE READY: 91.5% COLLEGE ENROLLMENT: 92.2% # TAKING SAT: 61 AVERAGE TOTAL SAT SCORE: 1636 # TAKING AP TESTS: None 20. Bard High School Early College II 30-20 Thomson Ave., QUEENS ADMISSION: Open to NYC residents ENROLLMENT: 631 GRADUATION RATE: 100.0% COLLEGE READY: 95.5% COLLEGE ENROLLMENT:92.7% #TAKING SAT: 155 AVERAGE TOTAL SAT SCORE: 1663 # TAKING AP TESTS: None 24.

New Explorations Into Science, Technology And Math (NEST M) 111 Columbia St., MANHATTAN ADMISSION: Entrance exam; priority to continuing 8th graders ENROLLMENT: 544 GRADUATION RATE: 96.3% COLLEGE READY: 90.7% COLLEGE ENROLLMENT: 82.8% # TAKING SAT: 159 AVERAGE TOTAL SAT SCORE: 1621 # TAKING AP TESTS: 306 AP PASS RATE: 55.0% 16. Goldstein High School For The Sciences 1839 Shore Blvd., BROOKLYN ADMISSION: Grades, test scores, attendance ENROLLMENT: 1,022 GRADUATION RATE: 97.0% COLLEGE READY: 91.8% COLLEGE ENROLLMENT: 88.5% # TAKING SAT: 259 AVERAGE TOTAL SAT SCORE: 1627 # TAKING AP TESTS: 386 AP PASS RATE: 61.1% 17. Queens Gateway To Health Sciences Secondary School 160-20 Goethals Ave, QUEENS ADMISSION: Grades, test scores, priority to continuing 8th graders ENROLLMENT: 486 GRADUATION RATE: 92.2% COLLEGE READY: 83.5% COLLEGE ENROLLMENT: 89.8% # TAKING SAT: 99 AVERAGE TOTAL SAT SCORE: 1538 # TAKING AP TESTS: 115 AP PASS RATE: 45.9% 25. Cardozo High School 57-00 223 St., QUEENS ADMISSION: Queens residents, zoned and screened ENROLLMENT: 3,912 GRADUATION RATE: 82.3% COLLEGE READY: 60.3% COLLEGE ENROLLMENT: 75.5% # TAKING SAT: 888 AVERAGE TOTAL SAT SCORE: 1514 # TAKING AP TESTS: 722 AP PASS RATE: 67.5% 27.

To apply, please send resumes to Sara Davis at [email protected] 2 people needed who can do LAN WAN DESKTOP Experience and responsibilities with VMWare, Citrix, Windows RDS, Active Directory and Exchange.

Contact Exec Recruiter David Sporn 2 [email protected] ASSISTANT The Medical Assistant is expected to support the goals and mission of CMADC; in particular, the commitment to providing all patients easy access to high quality care, service and value.

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