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The old proprieties surrounding marriage have been swept away by the aggressive 'must-have' attitude of an awful lot of modern women.

The consensus, according to my friends, was that female emancipation - and the social, economic and sexual freedoms that have gone with it - have led to a liberal world in which nothing is sacred any more.

Women are out for what they can get - and if that means another woman's husband, then so be it.

At a time when one in three marriages fails, the thinking seems to be that to ruin one or two more unions in your own pursuit of happiness won't make much difference.

This makes hackles rise among married women.' There are, of course, other factors contributing to insecurities experienced by married women.

Widow Alison Sharman, 43, who has a six-year-old daughter and works part-time in IT, says that she believes that the issue of working women versus stay-at-home mothers has contributed to female insecurity.

Time was when loyalty to their sex meant few single women would pursue a married man.

I had to remind myself that the fault didn't lie with me, but with them.

Didn't I know, they asked me, what it's like to be married today?

To have actually got your hands on a good man - even had children with him - at a time when the dating game is a hellish shark-pool of hopeless men and desperate women.

When that had happened at the fourth wedding in a row, it finally clicked that in the current social climate a single woman on her own at a gathering of middle-aged married couples is seen as nothing more than a threat to be repelled by women who evidently do not trust their husbands to behave themselves.

At first, I was appalled at such aggressive tactics.

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