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One girl can be standing, sitting, bending over, and many subtle variations between and will masturbate on her own or with your help via toys, fingers, a tongue, penis, dildos, and the requisite fresh produce.Any of these can be put in any of her three holes simultaneously.

But when not using men, cocks are replaced with strap-ons and often stroked or sucked, which really doesn’t make much sense most of the time.

Right click any character onscreen and you can customize it on the go – change body shape, makeup, clothing, etc.

This way you can also switch to it’s camera view, so you can enjoy the action from the character’s POV. You can have full 360 degree view by holding the left mouse button, move the camera up and down with the scroll wheel or zoom in and out by holding it and moving the mouse.

The same options are available for two partners plus every sexual position you can dream up.

The threesome positions don’t translate as well when using two and especially three women, as they seem more geared to one girl and two dudes.

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Story Mode earns you more coins than Free Mode, and it adds a kind of storyline to the whole experience.

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